Peveril Homes interior design trends 2020 / 2021

When we research global style trends, we gain a great insight into how our homes will change with time in addition to our behaviour as consumers. Discover the hottest interior design trends for your Peveril home that will shape tastes in décor throughout the 2020 and 2021 period.

Grey on grey

Grey is no longer seen as a supporting hue, and it often takes centre stage in modern interiors. Shades of grey, warm and cool alike, have grown in popularity in recent years and the trend has evolved to incorporate splashes of vibrant colour which add


character and a sense of playfulness to interiors.

The versatility of grey pairs with a huge range of brighter, more eye-catching colours: think blush pink, yellow ochre or navy blue for a fresh look, or olive greens, burnt orange and burgundies which create a warm, calming atmosphere. Choose greys for a modern, sleek kitchen or lounge area.

Sustainable design

The sustainable design movement has gained traction and has hit the mainstream; it’s now easier than ever to choose sustainably sourced materials which are renewable, reclaimed or completely recyclable for your interiors. Furthermore, technological developments have made advanced materials such as bioplastics affordable enough for the consumer market.

Textured surfaces

From luxuriously textured wallpapers to decorative wall panels crafted in precious woods, the trend for richly textured surfaces adds a tactile element to your interior spaces. It’s also possible to create a simple textured look using sanded paints and limewashes for a more subtly textured finish.

Light woods

Contemporary interiors often make extensive use of light woods, particularly those with a Scandinavian feel which will feature heavily in interior design throughout 2020 and 2021. Light woods pair beautifully with pastel shades to give a creamy finish, or with shades of white to add warmth and depth.

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