We always like to go the extra mile for customers of all ages!

At Peveril Homes, we pride ourselves on listening to customer feedback from all of our customers, regardless of age, and this has never been truer than when we recently received a lovely letter from one of our youngest residents.

Lizzy Daniels, age nine, lives with her parents at our Woodcroft development in Moira. She took it upon herself to address a letter to us with a wish list of ideas for things to include in a new play area – set to be constructed opposite Lizzy’s house.

The list included a “big swing chair” because they make her “feel on top of the world!”, as well as “Monkey Bars” because she loves “swinging on them like a monkey in the canopies of the rainforests”.

Lizzy’s mum, Mrs Daniels, is incredibly proud of her daughter for having the courage to express her wishes in a letter to Peveril Homes and is delighted by our response.

“Lizzy loves every aspect of our new home and she was so excited to hear that Peveril had decided to build a play area right on our doorstep,”

She continues, “Lizzy was determined to get all of her ideas down on paper and write a letter to Peveril so, using her best handwriting, she did exactly that!”

Since receiving Lizzy’s letter, we have submitted and received approval for our plans for the play area. It appears Lizzy will be suitably impressed with the equipment included – as Alison Kendall, Sales and Marketing Director at Peveril, goes on to explain.

“We were really touched when we received the letter. As soon as we read it, we felt as though Lizzy’s suggestions could guide our plans perfectly because she fits our target market for the play area and after all, we want it to be something that children can use and enjoy,”

Alison continues, “As a business with family values at its core, we understand the importance of listening to customer feedback – irrespective of age. Construction of the park will commence soon and we sincerely hope that Lizzy and the other children at Woodcroft enjoy it!”

Hearing the news that Lizzy can expect to see some of her ideas come to fruition, her mum said, “Not many businesses would take a nine year old seriously, so it’s great to see Peveril taking her suggestions on board. It’s a lovely feeling knowing that everybody’s ideas are valued when it comes to decisions surrounding the local community. It really shows that Peveril care about all of their customers, irrespective of age.”

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