We are delighted to announce that our new Woodcroft play area is now open!

10 year old Lizzy Daniels who lives with her family on our Woodcroft development addressed a letter to us expressing her ideas for a new play area on the site. We listened carefully to Lizzy’s brilliant ideas and were delighted to have been able to incorporate her wish list in our design

“It’s a lovely feeling knowing that everybody’s ideas are valued and considered when it comes to decisions surrounding our community – it shows that Peveril really cares about all of its customers, regardless of their age,” explains Lizzy’s mum, Helen Daniels.

“Lizzy was delighted when she visited the park and saw that her visions had been turned into reality – it will make future visits to the park that little bit more exciting for her as she knows that it was built with her in mind!” she adds.

Our Sales and Marketing Director, Alison Kendall, who received the letter, has been working to progress the park ever since with Lizzy’s words always at the forefront of her mind.

“As soon as we read Lizzy’s letter we felt as though she would be the perfect person to guide our plans for this outside space. We’re a family-owned

business with family values at its core, so we understand what a space such as this means to residents young and old at Woodcroft,”

She continues, “We still have a few plots remaining at Woodcroft, so we hope that this new park appeals not only to current residents but also to those that are considering moving to the area.”

The new play area was officially opened to the public in December and after her first visit, Lizzy was over-the-moon with the finished product.

“The new park is great and I can’t wait for spring and summer so that I can go after school and play outside for longer. The equipment is exactly what I was hoping for, I’m so happy!”

She continues, “Everyone in my class thinks it’s really cool that I helped Peveril decide what to include in the park. I just want to say thank you to Alison and Peveril Homes for listening to my ideas and inviting me and my parents down to see it when it opened.”

For more information about the properties available at our Woodcroft development in Moira, contact Laya at the sales centre on 01283 342052 or visit the show home open 5 days a week, 11am to 5pm. Email woodcroft@peverilhomes.co.uk.