We recently donated funds towards luscious playground planters at local Smalley primary school!

As well as laying the foundations for beautiful homes, we have recently planted the seeds for the creation of beautiful outdoor spaces at one local primary school – after donating funds for the purchase of four planters at Richardson Endowed Primary School.

Located in the village of Smalley, the school was keen to add some additional foliage to its outside areas through the installation of several large wooden planters – which would be maintained by both the staff and children.

We are currently building one of our most prestigious developments in Smalley – Smalley Manor – and as part of our commitment to helping local communities we approached the school to see if we could support with any up-and-coming projects.

After hearing about the idea to install large wooden planters around the school grounds, our Director of Marketing and Sales, Alison Kendall, was keen to support the idea by donating funds towards their purchase and installation – as she goes on to explain.

“The school was keen to create brighter, more engaging outside areas for the children to enjoy through the installation of several large planters which can

be maintained by both the staff and the students,”

“We were more than happy to offer our support and we hope that these now provide an additional vibrant feel to the school’s playground for the children, parents and staff for many years to come!”

Speaking about the support received by Peveril Homes, Richardson Endowed Primary School’s Headteacher, Mrs Kate Mason, said, “We’re delighted with the planters and the children have been really enthused by their appearance around the school,”

She continued, “They not only add decoration to the playground spaces, but act as educational tools for the children because they will be able to help us with the maintenance of the boxes throughout the school year. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to Peveril Homes for supporting us with this project. Without their help, it would not have been achievable!”

To read more about Richardson Endowed Primary School, visit https://richardsonendowedprimary.typepad.com/.