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Interior design process

Interior Design Process

Style that makes a statement

Your new Peveril home is a clean slate, just waiting for you to make your mark. Soon after moving in, it will be filled with the sights, sounds and colours of your home life. This process can take a long time when moving into a pre-owned home, and this is where Peveril Homes give you the advantage. We can help speed this process along by providing the opportunity to customise a range of interior finishes when you reserve your brand new home with us; the earlier you make your reservation during the build process the more options you are likely to have. 

We want you to feel right at home from the moment you step inside and granting high levels of personalisation gives you a fantastic head start. Dressing our show homes in modern, on-trend styles is something that we love to do. Carefully planning the interiors of each of our show homes allows us to design and install interiors that inspire and hopefully give you plenty of ideas for your new home. You will find that our show homes all have a distinct personality, and that’s because we know that each and every family reserving a Peveril home is unique.

By presenting an incredible variety of interiors in our show homes we hope to truly demonstrate the versatility of our developments, and the special care and attention that goes into building each one.

Crafting Winning Interiors

Our team of interior designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry and specialise in high-end residential interiors. They stay ahead of global interior design trends, refining current fashions and creating new, fresh ideas for the home.
New Homes Interior Design

Interior Styling

The interior design styles of our show homes are considered early on in the build process, normally when planning permission has been granted for a new development. Depending on the site, this can be as early as six months before the show home is built to ensure our interior designers have a clear vision and plan before the building starts. 

During these early stages we discuss with our designers all aspects of the development that make up its character. We look at the location, including key landmarks, and what the local area is known for, as well as our purchaser profile. These discussion points help our designers to draw inspiration from the local landscape and combined with current design trends they can be translated into the styling of each show home. 

A design scheme which resonates with our customers, such as country modern, classic modern, Nordic or shabby chic can then be agreed upon along with a colour scheme. From there, our design team sources the wallpaper, fabrics, artwork, furniture and soft furnishings to create the perfect Peveril Home that exudes both style and character.

Create a Home that is Distinctly Yours

Your new Peveril home is a clean slate, just waiting for you to make your mark. Let us help make your dream home a reality.
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Specification and brands

Specification & Brands

To help you feel right at home from day one, we have curated a selection of interior design elements that you can choose from to create your dream home.


Caring about the homes we build and the communities we create across the region, Peveril Homes proudly welcomes your family to join ours.

Why buy a new home?

Why Buy New?

Going above and beyond our duties as a builder of homes, we support many of our buyers in creative and innovative ways to make sure that they can move into their new home with as little fuss as possible.