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Strategic land and planning

Delivering maximum gain for our land-owning partners

At Peveril Homes, our approach to land acquisition is always focused on upholding our continued commitment to the needs and requirements of local landowners, authorities, key stakeholders and local communities. 

Our relationships are based around trustworthy partnerships which ensure the delivery of high-quality new homes and mixed-use schemes that meet both market demand and the government’s growth agenda, whilst seamlessly integrating them within the fabric of the local area, ultimately generating thriving new communities that can flourish for decades to come.

Our diligent approach delivers tailored solutions through meticulous consultation. Our expert land acquisition and planning teams engage with the right groups at every stage – continually taking into account all viewpoints in order to reach mutually agreed outcomes. 

We always promise the delivery of quality developments and this has established us as a reputable name within our industry when opening discussions about new land opportunities. We remain true to our word, guaranteeing land-owners complete peace of mind, minimising risk and delivering maximum return in the shortest possible timeframe. As a family-owned business, our ethos is about looking after partners. The backing of our parent company, Bowmer and Kirkland, one of the largest and most successful privately-owned construction and development groups in the UK, guarantees stability and successful project delivery. Honesty, fairness, respect and trust are fundamental to how we behave. 

We welcome discussions with any landowner or agent looking to sell their land and we guarantee that if you choose to partner with and entrust your project to us, you will be proud to partner and work with Peveril Homes.
We pride ourselves on our strategic vision and expertise in identifying and maximising the use of prime land for suitable redevelopment. Through close-working partnerships, we agree from the outset the best solution for all parties and uphold promises in order to integrate into local authority frameworks.
At Peveril Homes, we continually look to invest in land that has both long and short term strategic potential. We place a strong emphasis on working with our landowners to achieve the optimum result.
The cost and technical expertise associated with bringing together all the necessary reports and documentation required for a successful planning promotion and permission is significant.
As such many landowners choose to work with a developer or promoter to unlock the potential of their land. Landowners can be involved as much or as little as they want, either way, our expert team has one objective – to achieve planning permission and maximise value for you.
All fees associated with the promotion and planning application are paid by us entirely at our risk. From the outset, we listen to what your needs are and then offer a flexible range of structures to take your land forward from option agreements, promotion agreements, a hybrid of the two or our unique funding arrangements allow us to consider the outright purchase of your land with overage secured for the future. We will carry all the costs needed specific to your site. We only see a share in returns when the site has been acquired for development.
Our high success rate is in part, thanks to the backing of our parent company Bowmer and Kirkland. This provides us (and therefore our partners) with a strong covenant with a competitive advantage of stability through significant financial and infrastructural support with no need for external funding or finance for both the planning promotion and ultimate land acquisition.

Case Study: Foresters View, Fritchley, Derbyshire

“One thing we really admire is the way Peveril Homes has maintained the look and feel of the local area within the construction of its new homes. We met with several house builders and following very productive discussions found that Peveril Homes’ values aligned with ours – providing the reassurance we wanted when selecting a partner we could trust. 

Once we initiated the sale everything happened so quickly. The relationship with Peveril remained strong throughout its entirety. We didn’t encounter any obstacles or delays during the planning and application process and there was a genuine understanding from Peveril regarding our own personal circumstances. They advised us every step of the way – ensuring the process was completed at a time that was right for both parties. 

Having seen the newly-built Foresters View which now occupies the land we sold to Peveril, we must say it is a beautiful development that blends perfectly into the local area. For myself and my husband, guaranteeing the protection of the local wildlife as well as the maintenance of the environment around the site, was paramount in our decision-making process. It’s also lovely to see a number of property types on the site. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to every member of the team that has worked closely with us over the last 20 years. Every promise made to us has been kept and myself and my husband are both happy in the knowledge that we made the right decision when choosing a partner, all those years ago.” 

Patricia Morton, Land-owner