Creating the perfect home-working space in your Peveril home

Recent events have caused dramatic changes to the ways we work and for many people working from home has become the new ‘normal’. While working from home can sound like a nice break from office life, it comes with unique challenges that can drain your productivity and make your work day more emotionally and physically taxing.

Creating a dedicated office space within your Peveril home helps you to stay motivated and on track throughout the day, so you can end your day feeling refreshed and accomplished. To create a home office space that keeps you working happily and comfortably, take a look at our guide.


Of course, the layout of your home and the available space will influence where you decide to place your new home working space, but if possible, try to choose a location that’s quiet with minimal distractions and plenty of natural light. If your work requires quiet and privacy then an upstairs room might be your best choice, but if you’re balancing work with childcare in the home then a corner of a downstairs room such as the lounge or dining room might make things easier.



If you’ve decided to use a dedicated room as your home office, then carefully choosing a colour scheme that helps you to focus is a must. Colour choice is intensely personal but getting this right can completely transform the atmosphere in your office.

  • Shades of off-white give a clean look while avoiding the clinical atmosphere of pure white and creates the perfect backdrop for your furniture and accessories
  • Grey is one of 2020/2021’s hottest colour trends and can be found in a huge number of shades and tones from warm to cool. It can be bold or subtle depending on the overall look you want to achieve
  • Blues are a popular choice in the modern home office and many people find it has a calming, relaxing effect which helps them stay motivated and productive
  • Browns and burgundies are strong colours that bring warmth to your interiors. Pair these shades with traditional or modern furniture depending on your preferences
  • Yellows, oranges and greens lend themselves to creative and fun workspaces, and all but the deepest shades will keep things looking fresh and bright

These are some suggestions to help guide your decision, however the colours you choose for your home office need to be agreeable to you. Whichever colour scheme you opt for, you can bring a sense of balance to the space by using accent walls, contrasting trims and carefully chosen accent pieces.



Once you’ve chosen the location and colour scheme for your home office, you’ll need to think about the kind of things that you’ll need to help you have a productive work day. Depending on your line of work your needs will vary, but we’ve found that most home offices include the following:

  • Desk and adjustable chair
  • Desk lamp
  • Computer or laptop
  • Filing cabinet
  • Paper shredder
  • Printer
  • Secure storage for sensitive documents
  • High speed router
  • Noticeboard or planner
  • Storage

Your home office will preferably house everything you need to have a productive work day in one place, so think carefully about what to include and what to leave out so you can keep clutter to a minimum. Perhaps more importantly, your home office should be a place that you enjoy spending time in. Your home office is still part of your Peveril home and while it has a clearly defined function it certainly should be a space you enjoy using.

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