Stylish storage solutions for your Peveril home interiors

Stylish places to stow your belongings are absolutely critical in the family home and can be in high demand in living rooms, hallways and bedrooms. While clever storage options are a necessity there’s no reason why they shouldn’t also enhance the interior of your new Peveril home and be a pleasure to use.

Modular storage

Opting for modular storage which can be custom arranged within the available space provides excellent flexibility. From configurable open shelving units to cabinet-type storage to hybrid options, modular storage available in a variety of designs are ideal for any room in the home and are particularly suitable for shared spaces and bedrooms.


Double duty storage

Multi-purpose storage furniture is certainly not a new concept, but it’s often overlooked in the home. Modern furniture manufacturers have improved the form and function of multi-purpose storage furniture to create options that are as beautiful as they are practical offering furniture that doubles up as storage.

From multi-tiered occasional tables, beds with storage and convertible sofas we leave it to your imagination, the internet is full of sleek and practical ideas perfect for decluttering and giving you the perfect spot to stash everything from the TV remote to the kids’ colouring books.

Tambour units

Traditionally used in the kitchen or office, tambour units are making a comeback as a multi-purpose option for your home. Most styles have doors that either slide downward or to the sides and are available in a wide range of sizes, making them ideal for placing in awkward spots such as between other furniture items.

Open-faced cabinets

Open-faced cabinets are available in a wide selection of styles, both contemporary and traditional and are the perfect storage solution if you’d like to safely store your items while keeping them on display. Depending on what you’d like to display prominently in your home, open-faced cabinets are perfect for enhancing lounge areas and kitchens.

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