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New home owners love the customer-first approach of Peveril Homes

When purchasing a new-build home, one of the main things that most people look for – apart from a quality build and perfect location – is a house builder that pays attention to you as the customer. Alan and Julie Gill were buyers coming off the back of a very bad experience, and needed their faith restoring in the new-build market. That’s where we came in!

“We had already been through the buying process with another house builder after deciding to relocate from the West Midlands to be nearer to our daughter who lives in Appleby Magna” said Alan. “Our experience with the previous builder was poor – the buying process was not enjoyable and they paid no attention to our needs as a customer”.

Alan and Julie were close to sealing the deal on a property with the previous builder before pulling out at the final stage due to poor customer service and negative experiences all the way through the buying process. With a buyer already keen on purchasing their current home from them, the couple quickly looked at other builders in the area.

Within a week, they saw the Woodcroft development in Moira and instantly fell in love with the site and its properties.

“Wherever we moved to, we always said this would be the place we settle in for good – so getting the perfect home and location was crucial,” said Alan. “What we loved about Woodcroft is that the houses are not too close together – there’s room to breathe and plenty of space. Other developments we’ve seen are cramped and you feel like you’re on top of people. We have a sizeable garden here for the money, and a lovely, quality new home to call our own!”.

Alan and Julie moved to Woodcroft in August and are now settled in plot 43, The Belper – a charming detached 3-bedroom home. The couple are delighted with the location and very pleased to be closer to their daughter again.

“The staff at Peveril Homes were really sympathetic to our situation and were only focused on ensuring we received the best service possible,” added Alan. “They literally bent over backwards for us, from the initial viewing to the purchase of our home. Any teething problems have been resolved immediately and they honestly cannot do enough for us. We would recommend Peveril Homes to anyone looking to purchase a new home”.

For more information about the properties available at our Woodcroft development in Moira, contact Darren or Eileen at the sales centre on 01283 342052 or visit the show home open 7 days a week, 11am to 5pm. Email woodcroft@peverilhomes.co.uk

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