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We’ve further enhanced our customer care experience by teaming up with innovative software provider, Clixifix!

We are delighted to announce that we have recently agreed a partnership with UK software provider Clixifix, to further develop and improve our customer care experience for purchasers.

Clixifix specialises in customer care solutions for the construction and house building industries – providing a platform that manages client feedback and repairs. It is specifically designed to help developers effectively administer customer care tasks and direct their irregularity-management repair process.

The team at Clixifix has first-hand, in-house experience of construction and has utilised this along with experience of software solutions already on the market in order to deliver a package that makes managing workloads, timescales and finances simple for builders, sub contractors and homeowners.

When describing another product on the market, Clixifix say, “We discovered it was difficult to implement, expensive and lacked transparency. In a nutshell, small to medium sized businesses couldn’t afford it and the bigger companies who could, didn’t like that the software simply wasn’t easy to use or display”.

Clixifix took all of this industry research on board in order to develop its own package, which solves all of these issues for house builders and their customers.

Alison Kendall, our Director of Sales and Marketing, is excited to be working with Clixifix and cannot wait to see the benefits of the system for Peveril Homes and its customers – “Buying a new home is not a small investment – so the purchase process needs to be right at every turn for our customers – from initial discussions, through to after care”.

“Implementing such a dynamic piece of software that constantly speaks to purchasers and offers complete transparency throughout the buying process, will ultimately save time and money and improve communication not only for us, but for our sub-contractors and customers,” added Alison.

Clixifix’s Customer Success Manager, Clair Currie, is excited to be working with Peveril Homes and sees their software solutions as a natural next step to innovate and improve the customer purchase experience for Peveril homeowners – “Our software is designed by people with experience of construction, for people currently working in construction,” said Clair.

“We are delighted to be teaming up with a reputable midlands-based housebuilder such as Peveril Homes, and look forward to the exciting journey we are embarking on together to benefit both the company and its customers,” she added.

To find out more about Clixifix please visit www.clixifix.com.

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