Evolve your outdoor living style

Whether you prefer lounging, dining or entertaining, turning your garden into an appealing outdoor living space can be achieved in a few easy steps.

Read on to find out how you can evolve your outdoor living style and create the garden of your dreams!

A Space for All Weathers

With a little bit of planning, your garden can be transformed into the perfect retreat come rain or shine. Here are our top tips for personalising your garden, no matter the size or style.

Gazebos, Pergolas & Awnings

The addition of a covered gazebo or pergola is ideal to keep the rain, sunshine or even snow off your seating area and, depending on the section of the garden you would like to cover, you can opt for a variety of shelter options.

Gazebos and pergolas come in all shapes and sizes, and offer different enclosure choices depending on your requirements. If you’re choosing a permanent gazebo or pergola structure, think carefully about the location and the aesthetic you’d like to achieve. A wooden or metal arrangement can provide an ideal backdrop for climbing plants or greenery and even hanging baskets. It can be painted in any colour you’d like and provide the perfect basis to mark your garden space with your own décor style.

Open topped or slatted gazebos allow sunshine in or if you’re looking for something more enclosed, consider a roofed gazebo which can offer a more versatile outdoor living space for all weathers.

If you’re keen on a removable option, consider a retractable awning to keep the sun or occasional shower off your patio. As an added benefit, awnings come in many colours and patterns to suit your preference. And as well as keeping the sunshine out of your patio windows, and potentially protecting furniture from the bright sunlight, awnings can be easily pulled back when not in use.

Outdoor Heating

If you’d like to make the most of summer evenings or even spend time outside in the colder months, transform your garden with the addition of effective outdoor heating.

Gas patio heaters are an inexpensive and popular option, available in many modern designs and styles. With the added benefit of being portable, you can use them when required and store in the garage when not needed.

For more occasional use, a solid fuel patio heater, like a log burning firepit or chimenea, offers the authentic, cosy ‘campfire’ experience. Although higher maintenance than other outdoor heating options, the crackling logs and inviting environment created by a real flame are not to be underestimated.

For prolonged or often use, an electric patio wall heater is the ideal choice. Silent, smell and toxin free, an electric wall-heater is wired into the mains, meaning it’s cost-effective and often movement automated, so only operates when required.

Seating Ideas

An outdoor seating area needs to cater for your family’s requirements, whether that be lounging, dining or entertaining.

Consider locating your patio area where you’re most likely to take advantage of weather conditions and capture optimal sunshine (or shade), if desired.

From swinging seats and dining tables, to outdoor sofas and lounging bean bags, think about how you’d like to use your outdoor space. Also consider your lifestyle and what time of day you’re likely to use the space.

If you’re an early bird, invest in a bench or love seat where you can sit and enjoy your morning coffee in sunshine. If you’re a cocktail lover, consider a bar and stools with a view of the evening sunset.

When barbecuing or dining outside are a priority, a formal table and chairs could be the best option.

On the other hand, if you would prefer a multifunctional space which can be used by all the family; consider an informal arrangement of weather-proof bean bags, outdoor sofas or boho floor cushions. These flexible options will allow you to create cosy nooks for chilled-out evenings or spread out and accommodate larger gatherings too.


If you’re planning on using your garden in the evenings for dining, relaxing or entertaining, the right kind of lighting is key.

Options are widely available from fence lighting, decking lighting, wall lighting, border lighting and even options to brighten-up your trees and pots.

Patio Lighting

Options for illuminating your patio space are many and varied. Ideal for short term use consider candles and tiki- torches, solar lanterns or fairy lights.

For longer-term, weather-proof use options include LED lighting or wall-mounted 12-volt lighting. If you’re likely to use your space often in the evenings, speak to a local professional who can guide you on a decision to maximize impact and make the best choice for your layout.

Contemporary Garden Lighting

To create an all year-round ambient glow, consider contemporary garden lighting. Strip lighting can be effective when used as a focal point for steps, sills and plant containers.

Recessed path lighting works well when inlaid into brickwork, to illuminate the space and ensure your can find your way on darker evenings.

Strategically placed spotlights, solar lights or LED options can be purchased in a variety of colours and sizes to add interest to feature areas like ponds and borders.

And string lights are an ideal option for free standing gazebos and can also be purchased in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your space.

Personalise Your Garden

As interior design styles have evolved for the home, so too have options to personalise your garden, using much more than just pots and garden furniture.

For best effect, think about taking your indoor style outside and extend your home décor ideas into the garden, you’ll be surprised at the results.

Whether you’re opting for a clean and contemporary minimal layout or a personality-packed boho design, there are many options including rugs, mirrors, garden art, shower-proof cushions and curtains, shelving, pots, screens and décor touches to choose from.

Remember that no matter the size of your garden, it’s possible to create an attractive space that works for you and your requirements. Whether you’re a gifted green fingered gardener or prefer an urban oasis peppered with easy to maintain greenery and flowers in pots and planters; don’t be afraid to add your own design style and you’ll find yourself with a unique garden where you can while away many hours; the perfect addition to your new Peveril-built home.

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