Love at first sight for one couple meant they snapped up Peveril’s Woodcroft show home

Do you believe in love at first sight? For James Claybrook and Aimee Berrieman fairy tales do come true, and when they first saw our Birch Lodge show home at Woodcroft they knew it was meant to be.

James and Aimee were due to be married this year, but had their happily-ever-after postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. They agreed instead that the time was right to move to a new house.

Everything fell into place quickly when they visited the show home at Woodcroft and fell completely in love with it. They knew straight away that their next home was going to be a Peveril home.

Their family – which includes two daughters, a dog, a cat, and a hamster – moved in at the beginning of August and immediately they felt right at home and started making memories together.

The Woodcroft development is nestled in the picturesque National Forest on the Leicestershire-Derbyshire border. It’s a stunning collection of homes built around traditional values to accommodate families of all sizes with 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes and 2 bedroom bungalows.

Designed to Peveril Homes’ impressive specifications with interiors that combine modern aesthetics with practical design, each home has been thoughtfully placed to work in harmony with the idyllic surroundings.

For James, this was his first experience moving into a newly built home and he was a little apprehensive, but for Aimee this was her second. James said:

“I’ve always stayed away from new builds, but I am very impressed with the level of service that Peveril Homes provide. If we have needed anything, they’ve responded right away, ready to resolve our request within minutes. Aimee lived in a new build home before and told me how much more personal the experience has been with Peveril Homes in comparison to the previous house builder.”

James added:

“The quality and standard of a Peveril home is a big advantage. They invest more in the smaller details, so I’ve noticed the space between the houses is much more generous – a big improvement on our previous house, which was Aimee’s first new build and where we all lived together. The interior and garden space in our Peveril home is so much bigger and better, and the planning and attention to detail are impressive. The house comes with a fantastic amount of land which you don’t normally get with new builds.”

James and Aimee used the government Help to Buy scheme to make moving into their new home more affordable. The government lends up to 20% of the cost of a new build property, with the buyer only having to contribute 5% of the cash deposit and the remaining 75% goes on the mortgage, but the buyer still owns 100% of the home.

The couple worked with one of Peveril Homes’ recommended financial advisors to make it all possible. James continued:

““The financial advisor was brilliant. We had been having problems with moving part of our existing mortgage over, but they sorted all of that out for us and all the free advice they gave was incredibly useful.”

Peveril Homes want their homeowners to enjoy the process of reserving and moving into their new home, and pride themselves on going the extra mile for their new residents which is something James and Aimee have been grateful for. James added:

“When our moving day arrived, the Peveril Homes team were ready and waiting for us, they even let Aimee go into the house before we completed to put food in the fridge and freezer. That was such a great thing for them to do, having children means we have a lot of food and we didn’t want to risk anything defrosting. They really were as helpful as they possibly could be.”

It’s safe to say that James and Aimee are settling in very well and would recommend a Peveril home to their friends and family.

Finally, James commented:

“We love our house, it’s so different and unique. We just can’t believe the size of the property, the amount of land we have and it’s in a beautiful area, but it was so reasonably priced.”

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