Meet our Trainee Architectural Technologist, Mark Wright

It’s always good to put faces to names when you’re making a purchase, especially when it’s arguably the most expensive purchase you will ever make. In our latest article we’re putting the design and planning of your new home under the spotlight, as we get to know our Trainee Architectural Technologist, Mark Wright. Over to you, Mark!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background please!

I’m 25 years old and I would describe myself as hardworking, highly motivated and a very committed person. I would also say I’m a friendly, sociable character who enjoys helping people wherever possible. I’ve always been a bit creative and I like to see if there’s different ways of doing things.

Both inside and outside of work, I like to be organised – whether that’s hitting a deadline or making time for plans with friends and family. I’m currently studying a Higher National Certificate in Construction and the Built Environment in order to expand my knowledge of the industry and gain additional insights – so I’m excited to develop my learning even further!

How long have you worked for Peveril Homes?
It will be four years this May. I’ve worked in a variety of roles so far including being a labourer and a relief forklift driver, before moving into the office to focus on the customer care side of the business. It’s been an exciting journey so far and I’m delighted that I’ve managed to progress to where I am now.

What made you want to join Peveril Homes?
Peveril Homes is a well-known name across the midlands. The business appealed to me because of its commitment to building high quality homes, as well as its friendly and welcoming team. The dedication and commitment from all of the staff is clear to see when you walk through the door. Everyone is pulling in the same direction, with a passion to build quality homes and ensure that purchasers receive the best possible experience every time.

I could also see potential paths for progression too, which will only help me drive for more success both for myself and the company.

What is your current role at Peveril and what does it include?
I’m currently training to become an Architectural Technologist. This includes focusing on and tweaking small details within the designs to ensure that all drawings conform to the required regulations. There’s also a responsibility to eliminate any anomalies whilst developing new methods, drawings and layouts to help with the whole house building process.

Our team must work collaboratively with site managers, the sales team, structural engineers, local authorities and other third parties to make sure that the finished product is fully compliant and in-keeping with Peveril’s portfolio and wider ethos.

What’s the first project you’re working on for Peveril Homes in your current role?
I’m currently working on multiple projects, ranging from bathroom layouts to standard house details. That’s why I love this job so much – there’s plenty of variety, making every day different and providing me with the scope I need to continue to learn and develop.

What’s been the highlight of your career do-date (apart from joining Peveril Homes of course!)
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my entire time with Peveril Homes and it’s hard to pick out a specific moment – so even though it’s cheating, I would say that my whole time here has been my highlight!

It’s been an educational experience and because there are many different things that I can get involved with, it keeps me on my toes and allows me to become familiar with many different aspects of the industry.

What are you looking forward to most?
Being able to work with the team around me to continue to achieve the high standards of work we expect of ourselves. I’m also looking forward to implementing some of my own ideas to hopefully benefit the company in the long-run and pulling on my creative side even further. I’m excited for what the future holds for me at Peveril Homes!