Building communities

As a family company we hold strong values – togetherness, support for each other, trust and loyalty. We believe in the power of community and working together for the common good.

Peveril Homes is committed to creating thriving communities, not just homes. We are a housebuilder that cares and engages with the community. We make contributions above and beyond our statutory section 106 agreement to support the surrounding areas in which we build. This includes sponsoring many local events and providing much needed funding to them to ensure they can continue to run.

We are passionate about working with local schools and pledge to donate funds to help them with children’s education and various projects.

We regularly invite school classes to our developments to inform and educate children on the processes of a new-build construction. Our development tours emphasise the importance of safety around construction sites and explain that they are not playgrounds. We also like to encourage new generations of ‘would be’ builders.

You can find out more about the community projects Peveril Homes get involved with by visiting our latest news page below…

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