Peveril Homes funds the next chapter for Tutbury primary school!

We have donated over £600 to Richard Wakefield Church of England Primary School in Tutbury, Staffordshire, to help with the purchase of a range of new school books.

The donation has covered the purchase of 140 books in total including both fiction and non-fiction reading – meaning the children will now have access to new materials including short stories, photo novels, plays and comics. The books will build on Richard Wakefield Primary School’s library, providing Key Stage 2 children with access to a broader range of titles going forward.

Ali Wiles, Head of Reading at Richard Wakefield Church of England Primary School, is grateful for our donation and knows how much of a difference these new books will make to the children’s reading and literacy skills.

“Reading provides a real escape for children and after everything that’s happened this year, it will do them the world of good to have so many new stories and topics that they can lose themselves in,”

She continues, “We’re always extremely grateful for any kind of support from local businesses because resources can very quickly become stretched. The new books will provide a much needed welcome back gift for both the children and the staff after what has been a tough few months apart and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone at Peveril Homes for their generous support.”

Heritage Park, one of our most popular developments, is situated in the Staffordshire village of Tutbury. As a local, family-owned housebuilder, our team was keen to give back to the residents of Tutbury and continue our ongoing commitments to supporting local communities within the region.

Alison Kendall, our Sales and Marketing Director, knows how important it is for us to continue contributing to local communities wherever possible and support residents and organisations.

“Primary schools sit right in the heart of any community,” says Alison. “They nurture the next generation of talent – creating an energetic and bright beating heart for the surrounding area, especially in intimate village settings,”

“Children of all ages should have access to the right reading materials to help them develop their literacy skills to a high standard. We’re always delighted when we can work in partnership with schools and academies and give back to the children of our purchasers and the wider community. We hope the children of Richard Wakefield Primary School love their new books and find future inspiration within their pages.” adds Alison.

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