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Jono and Tom

We’re so glad we chose a Peveril home and would recommend buying one to anyone. The team are so helpful and friendly and they kept everything on track which made it such a good experience.

Moving into a new build was never a consideration for Jono Alexander-Gould. But once he and his husband Tom saw the Rempstone at Holborn Place, Ripley they knew they’d found their perfect home. Jono said, “I hated new builds, or I thought I did but Tom was against doing a house up and so my mum suggested that we go and look round Holborn Place. Our first impression was that we really liked the street, the development wasn’t too big and the roads were nice and wide. The houses themselves were beautiful and had a traditional appearance, whereas a lot of new builds look like they’d be outdated in 10 years’ time, Peveril Homes are very classic and timeless. “Within two minutes of being in the house we knew it was the one. I was also against having an integral garage, but our Sales Executive Julie recommended one as it had everything we’d specified.” 

The couple’s main specification was that the house had to fit in their super king size bed. Jono said: “We didn’t want to get rid of the bed, people think we’re mad, but we wanted a house with lots of space and of course we needed a dressing room!” The four-bedroom Rempstone at Holborn Place gave them all the space they needed and more. And the team at Peveril were always on hand to make sure everything went smoothly with the move and that the whole process was as stress-free as possible for the couple. Jono and Tom had two homes to sell after living together in Jono’s previous home while renting out Tom’s. Jono adds, “From Peveril’s side of things they were great. Julie was brilliant at chasing and moving everything along for us.

“We’d booked a holiday to India and were due home two days before our move in date but we had a one and half day delay so only arrived home the night before! “But Peveril Homes were so organised, and everything was so well planned out that the whole experience was amazing. Everything went to plan, we got the keys and the move went really smoothly. “Julie took the time to show us every little detail, nothing was too much trouble. She even explained some of the more interesting technical details about the build of our home. “We love absolutely everything about our house and felt completely at home within a couple of days.

Shortly after moving in, lockdown happened and Jono jokes: “If someone told me last year I’d be living in a new build with artificial grass and have 100 days off work I’d have said yeah right, if that happens have my dogs!” Lockdown meant that the couple had plenty of time to settle in, relax and enjoy their beautiful new home along with their two Yorkshire Terrier crosses, Fletcher and Hunter. Jono continues: “During lockdown we had plenty of time to decorate the house how we wanted it so now when we get in from work, we can properly enjoy living in our fabulous new home.” 

“We’re so glad we chose a Peveril home and would recommend buying one to anyone. The team are so helpful and friendly and they kept everything on track which made it such a good experience.” 

To find your perfect home with Peveril Homes call us today and we’ll help you find your perfect fit 01773 880550.

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Lyndsey & Dean Phillips

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We moved into Fairfields estate back in June now and absolutely love our beautiful new home. Everything about it was perfect.

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The quality of our new home is unparalleled. Every aspect of the construction is solid, meticulously crafted, and designed to perfection. The attention to detail is evident throughout the house. It is clear that they take immense pride in their work, and it truly shows in the final product.

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Julie, the sales exec is an absolute star. From the moment we first got in touch, she has gone above and beyond to make sure we were kept up to date on the progress of our purchase. Always helpful, answering any questions we have and doing everything she can to make the process as smooth as possible.

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